It’s National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in March. It’s a great opportunity to de-clutter and hopefully de-stress.

As we continue to practice social distancing and hang around the house a bit more our list of excuses that keep us from organizing our closet, sprucing up the yard, or cleaning out the garage dwindles. So we should have plenty of time to observe this week by:

  • tackling one room at a time
  • starting from the top of our home and working down
  • dusting ceiling fans door moldings and window tops
  • and maybe (just maybe) moving around some furniture

If you’re looking for some inspiration to clean try these videos and magazines:

Keeping Clean Episode 40 of Dibo the Gift Dragon

It’s spring cleaning time in Cozy land and every wants to help out. Elo has developed a toothache though and wishes it would go away because he can’t clean anything until it does. (Running Time 12 minutes)

Soap Cakes Episode 36 of Making Stuff: Season 2

It looks like fudge, is called a cake and you wash your hands with it. Gears and Wiz clean up the mystery of making soap. (Running Time 5 minutes)

Family Handyman Magazine, March 31, 2020

When it comes to home improvement, you need information you can trust. Inside each issue of The Family Handyman, you’ll find see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

HGTV Magazine, March 31, 2020

HGTV Magazine is about real life at home. In every issue you’ll find money-saving mini makeovers, simple ways to conquer clutter, smart DIY solutions, time-saving cleaning tricks, and so much more. Plus–see how the HGTV experts really live!

The library’s Kindness Club suggests donating to a thrift store those things you gather when you clean out closets, basements and storage spaces.

Use #NationalCleaningWeek and #CleaningWeek to follow and share your cleaning tips.

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