Adulting is Hard

One day you’re young and the next you have a favorite grocery store. It’s a frightful moment the first time you’re looking for an adult then realize you are an adult so you start looking for an “adulter” adult.

If you can’t remember why you detested nap time or if one of your fondest childhood memories is not paying bills, then you, my friend, are officially among the adulting ranks.

The struggle is real especially right now. We can all relate to why Peter Pan did not wish to grow up.

But there are good aspects to being an adult too. You can eat candy anytime you want. You can stay up as late as you want. You can choose your own outfits, your own friends, and even get a pet!

And as we find ourselves in a historically unique position and must socially distance and slow life down during this global pandemic we can find creative ways to add spark to our virtual gatherings, daily tasks, and adulting functions.

What are you doing to fill your days with meaning as we #FlattenTheCurve?

Let the library help you out with a few ideas for adulting activities here:

Adult Services Librarian, Sam, is curating fun links for adults including civic activities, crafting, virtual tours, and online coursework and classes. Let the library know how they work out for you and feel free to suggest some more for us to add!

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