Imagine Your Story With Us

Summer Reading has a rich history in American libraries dating back to the 1890s. In their inception, summer reading programs were typically designed for the elementary school age children in the community to encourage their independent reading during summer vacation. As studies continued to demonstrate an increased vocabulary and comprehension by participants as well as the mitigation of the “summer slide” when children could fall behind as much as two months in reading abilities over the summer, these programs were adapted and expanded to connect community members of all ages together through the power of literacy. 

Each year, the Burlington Public Library has built events, reading incentive programs, and classes to compliment that summer’s theme. Last year’s theme was a Universe of Stories which celebrated the scientific accomplishments of the Moon Landing and introduced astronomy, programming, and science to many young learners. It was a summer challenge to shoot for the stars and explore new worlds through fiction. 

It feels fitting that our 2020 theme is Imagine Your Story. Imagination is a part of our mission statement: “The Burlington Public Library creates opportunities for all people to connect with others, to learn about the world around them, and to imagine the futures before them.” Imagination is an essential ingredient for learning as we extend ourselves to play a new game, connect with potentially new friends, and grow as people. 

With a world suspended as we wait to find solutions for the global pandemic, often separated physically and socially from those we love and know, imagination is perhaps more important now than ever before. We can still safely and conveniently travel through the pages of a story. We can connect through phased-in services like Curbside Library, Ask A Librarian chat, social media, and our virtual programs through Zoom and Facebook. We can continue to form new skills and seek new opportunities. We can imagine the brightness that the future will behold and build it together. 

We hope you’ll join us for the 2020 Summer Reading Program starting June 1st. While summer reading will look a little different this year, the very nature of libraries is to adapt, expand, and continue to help our community to feel connected and achieve their dreams through the power of literacy and information access. We are here for you to support you as you continue to imagine your own stories. This summer and always.

READsquared is the official summer reading app for the Burlington Public Library’s 2020 program. Download it on your phone, home computer, or device to track your summer reading and compete in fun summer reading challenges and games to earn badges.

Library2Go is an excellent feature for when you aren’t quite sure what you’re in the mood to read or view. Librarians are experts are matching your interests and tastes with the perfect selection for family movie night, light beach reading, and in-depth research.

Let us know what you like with this small questionnaire and we will load you up with some hand-picked picture books, graphic novels, mysteries, magazines, music CDs, romance novels, DVDs, video games, and more.

Curbside Library enables us to safely connect you with your reservations as well as help you fax, print, scan, and place 1-hour reservations for laptop use. Connect with us in early June through Curbside Library services from 10AM to 5PM on week days and from 10AM to 2PM on Saturdays.

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